Adult beverages are a key to hosting a great house party. Today, it’s simple to create great cocktails all on your own for yourself and your party guest. If you are having a large gathering it may be daunting to decide on what beverages to serve a diverse group of people, and perhaps you may even be overwhelmed by the number of recipes available on the internet. It is always a good idea to stick with the classics. Here you will find seven cocktails that are perfect for any occasion:

1. Moscow Mule
If you have been to a restaurant or bar and seen someone drinking out of a copper mug they were probably drinking a Moscow Mule. Though it’s not required, these drinks are typically served in copper mugs and are made up of Vodka, Lime Juice, and a Ginger Beer. Easy to make, you begin by combining 1 and 1/2 ounces of Vodka with 4 ounces of Ginger Beer over ice. Then add Lime juice to taste or a Lime wedge to garnish the cup. You can choose a Ginger Beer which adds some customization to the cocktail.

2. Whiskey Sour
This drink is so simple to make, yet it is a popular classic. Whiskey Sours consist of a sour mix, lemon juice, and whiskey. They can be shaken or poured over ice. Some versions of this beverage also include a layer of egg white on top to make the drink frothy and smooth. You can purchase premixed sours but they typically consist of lemon juice, water, and sugar. You can make this cocktail with any kind of whiskey, however Bourbon whiskeys are the most popular for this drink. You would combine two parts Whiskey with three parts sour and either shake it with ice and strain it into a glass or pour the drink over ice. You could then add the optional egg whites and garnish.

3. Cosmopolitan
Frequently mentioned on the television series Sex in the City, the informally known as cocktail, Cosmo gained popularity in the nineties. The Cosmo is made up of Vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice. These drinks are served in a martini glass with no ice. You would combine 1 1/2 ounces of Vodka with 1 ounce of Cranberry Juice and 1 ounce of Triple Sec in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake the ingredients together and then strain into a martini glass and garnish.

4. Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic cocktails are a simple carbonated cocktail. Tonic water is very similar to club soda. This drink is made with a lot of ice and has a lot of customizable options. The ratio of a gin tonic is determined by your own tastes, though typically it is either one to one or one to three. These ratios depend on how strong of a gin is used. Simply pour the ingredients together over ice and then garnish with lime.

5. Bloody Mary
If you are looking for a cocktail to suit any time of day, Bloody Marys are a popular brunch time cocktail. These drinks can get spicy, made up of Vodka, tomato juice, and a variety of spices often including Worcestershire sauce, olives, salt and pepper, horseradish, and even hot sauce. This drink is served over ice and begins with 1 ounce of Vodka and 3 ounces of Tomato juice. Then you would season this drink to your own taste, typically only adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, or hot sauce. Famously this drink is garnished with celery which is also used to stir, scoop, and eat the cocktail.

6. Mimosas
Another day time cocktail option is the Mimosa. This brunch cocktail is made up of Champagne and Orange Juice. These drinks are served chilled and in a Champagne flute. These drinks are customizable in that they can be made with any fruit juice, though Orange juice is the most popular. This is made with one part juice and one part Champagne and can be garnished with cherries.

7. Margarita
The Margarita is a Mexican cocktail. Though they are commonly a blended frozen drink, Margaritas are also served over ice, making it totally possible to make in your own home. Margaritas are made up of Tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. These drinks are served in Martini glasses that are typically rimmed with cocktail salt or sugar. You would combine one ounce of orange liqueur, one ounce of lime juice, and two ounces of tequila, and then pour them over ice.