One of the essential building blocks of the body, proteins are important for growth in kids as well as adults. On an average, kids aged between four and eight years need 19 grams of daily dietary protein, while those between nine and 13 years require 34 grams of dietary protein. When it comes to most kids, hunger pangs are dealt with snacks, making snacks a great way to fulfill protein requirements. Here are some delectable protein-rich snack options that kids are sure to love:

  • Roasted chickpeas

Packed with protein and fiber, chickpeas are one of the most nutritious snacks for kids. Moreover, they contain lots of antioxidants that promise good health. What’s more is that this snack can be made with low sodium content . Just bake and roast the chickpeas in the oven with some lemon juice drizzled on top, and a drool-worthy snack will be ready in a jiffy to drive out your kid’s hunger pangs between meals.

  • Baked cheese sticks

Cheese sticks make for filling, protein-rich snacks for kids. These sticks are a great way to keep your kid’s tummy full until their next meal. In addition to protein, cheese is also a source of calcium that helps build healthy bones. To give this a healthier spin, pick low-fat or fat-free cheese and whole-wheat bread to prepare the crumbs. Serve the sticks with marinara sauce or some good old tomato ketchup and see your kid’s face light up!

  • Yogurt

An absolutely healthy snack choice for kids, nothing gets better than yogurt. Loaded with creamy goodness and a variety of health benefits, yogurt is rich in protein as well as calcium. Both these nutrients are super-important for kids. Moreover, yogurt is one of the best probiotic foods; it takes care of gut health, digestion, skin health, and hair growth. To get the best benefits of yogurt, always prepare it at home. You can also mix in some honey and fresh fruit to make it more interesting. If you do decide to get store-bought yogurt, then read the labels carefully and keep away from added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and flavors.

  • Devilled eggs

No matter the situation, it is tough to go wrong with eggs. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, eggs are one of the most nutritious snacks for kids. Devilled eggs are not just delicious, but also provide eaters with a range of opportunities to get creative. Organic colors and garnishes can be added to the mashed and whipped yolk to make little animal faces that top the hard-boiled eggs. Eating these eggs as snacks will be an enjoyable as well as healthy experience for kids.

  • Celery with peanut butter

In most cases, getting kids to eat green vegetables can be a task. A combination of celery and peanut butter can come by as a saviour in disguise in such instances. It is a versatile snack that is packed with healthy fats and proteins (thanks equally to the peanut butter). Celery is also rich in fibre, folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for growing kids. Cut celery stalks into halves and top them with peanut butter or serve the butter as a dip. Alternatively, you can also serve celery stalks with homemade hummus for a double dose of fiber and protein.