Obstructive sleep apnea is a challenging health condition. It makes it extremely hard for a person to get a good night’s sleep. Some even say that one’s oral hygiene has a part to play. What we eat also plays a huge role in this condition. Here, we will take you through which foods to avoid for sleep apnea and which items to consume.

Foods to avoid

Bananas: Generally, doctors recommend a good quantity of fruits in the diet if one has sleep apnea. However, bananas seem to make the condition only worse. They increase the production of mucus, which makes it hard for people to breathe when sleeping. If the bananas are over-ripe, they can definitely worsen the condition.

High-fat dairy: High-fat products may taste delicious but they can be harmful to people with sleep apnea. Why is that? Simply because they are high in fat content. One major cause of sleep apnea is obesity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cut as much fat as one can from the diet. This includes giving up any high-fat dairy product.

Refined carbs: Refined carbs or packed foods are also a big no-no if one has the problem of sleep apnea. This is because they are extremely high in added sugar. Other than being bad for health, they can aggravate sleep apnea and make it worse. They also lead to weight gain, which can also result in sleep apnea.

Meats: Any kind of high-fat meat like beef and pork should be completely avoided, as they are high in saturated fats. If one consumes these food items, it can lead to swelling and inflammation in the body, and one may also experience breathing difficulty while sleeping. If this happens, one may develop a cardiovascular problem.

Foods to eat

Fruits and veggies: Other than being extremely healthy, fruits and vegetables are a must when one has sleep apnea. Fruits can become an excellent substitute for the candies we like to indulge in. As fruits are high in fiber, they also tend to keep one full for a longer time.

Low-fat dairy products: As discussed above, obesity is one major reason for sleep apnea. If one switches to low-fat dairy products, they can get the goodness of vitamin D, calcium, and protein. If one likes to drink full cream milk or eat smear cream cheese on toast, switch it for low-fat milk and skim mozzarella cheese. They taste just as good with health benefits!

Whole grains: Whole grains and fruits have much in common. They are both high in fiber and nutrients. Thus, they don’t make one feel hungry quickly. One can switch replace the regular bread with whole grain or multigrain option.

Sleep apnea doesn’t have to be extremely uncomfortable. With this list of foods to avoid for sleep apnea in mind, one can surely get some relief from the symptoms.