Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a common condition in which the acid from your stomach frequently flows back into the esophagus. GERD can be a huge source of discomfort as people suffering from it experience chest pain, problems in swallowing, cough, as well as a sharp, sour feeling in your mouth. Maintaining a proper diet and a certain lifestyle can help in alleviating the symptoms of this condition.

Here are some foods to eat for GERD that can help in reducing your discomfort.

  • Olive oil
    Fats are an important part of your daily diet, but an excess of fat can also trigger the symptoms of GERD. Thus, most fats like butter and margarine are not for the consumption of people with this condition. Olive oil, on the other hand, can be a very good source of healthy fats for people who suffer from acid reflux.
  • Ginger
    Ginger is often used to treat several gastrointestinal problems because of its several anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an effective treatment for heartburn and GERD. Ginger can be consumed with other food items; you can add slices of ginger or ginger paste to your meals as well as to a cup of tea to reduce your symptoms.
  • Non-citrus fruits
    Fruits are an important part of a balanced diet, as they are a source of several nutrients. However, citrus fruits can aggravate the symptoms in people who have GERD. Thus, if you have the condition, it is best to consume non-citrus fruits like apples, bananas, melons, and pears because of their low acid content. These options can provide you with the required nutrition without triggering your acid reflux.
  • Vegetables
    Vegetables are an important part of every diet because of their nutritional value. Moreover, for people with GERD, vegetables can help in reducing stomach acids. Individuals facing chronic acid reflux should include plenty of vegetables like cauliflower, cucumber, broccoli, green beans, and asparagus in their daily diet.
  • Brown rice
    Carbohydrates are a necessary part of every diet because it provides us with energy. If you have GERD, you may choose brown rice as your regular source of carbohydrates. Brown rice contains complex carbohydrates and is not quickly digested. Compared to simple carbohydrates like those found in pastries, sugary drinks, and white rice, brown rice is a better food for acid reflux. It is also an important source of fiber, which improves bowel movements.

When it comes to dealing with GERD, your choice of food items may have several ramifications for your health. Besides consuming the foods to eat for GERD, it is also important to avoid certain food items like chocolate, red meat, and onions which may trigger its symptoms. It is also necessary to drink a lot of water if you have the condition.