Sticking to sobriety after a long time of alcohol and substance use can become a little difficult if one doesn’t make certain necessary changes to their lifestyle. From talking to friends and family for support to staying active, there are several lifestyle tips for overcoming alcohol and substance abuse that can prevent one from falling off the wagon. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

  • Stay away from triggers
    Triggers can be anything, ranging from a person to a situation or even a habit. One of the most important lifestyle tips for overcoming alcohol and substance abuse is to ensure that one identifies and avoids these triggers. This could mean that they might no longer be able to go out with someone they shared drinks with. One might also have to stay away from places they regularly visited for drinks. This can prove to be beneficial in preventing them from falling off the wagon.
  • Stay active
    Staying physically active can prove to be extremely beneficial for coping with the withdrawal symptoms that accompany quitting habits that cause dependency. It can help an individual stay sober by boosting the production of endorphins in their body. Endorphins are chemicals or hormones associated with the feeling of happiness, and they help reduce stress levels and improve mood. Also, regular exercise helps repair the damage that the body experienced due to alcohol and substance abuse. There are numerous ways one can choose from to stay active. One can join a fitness club, go for a walk, ride a bicycle, or indulge in any exercise that they find interesting.
  • Avoid stress and find healthy ways to cope
    Encountering stressful situations is one of the main triggers of relapse, so it becomes imperative to stay away from such situations and learn techniques to stay calm. There are several ways in which one can ward off stress. One of them is to ensure that one is not dealing with too many things at the same time. One must learn to say no if they get too much work instead of overburdening themselves and stressing about it later. Also, it’s necessary to ensure that one has a schedule and plans their day accordingly. Watching a favorite show, reading a book, meditating, or anything else that helps one fight stress is good.
  • Be in touch with friends and family and ask for support
    Seeking support from loved ones even if one thinks alcohol and substance abuse might have strained the relationship is another helpful lifestyle tip for overcoming alcohol and substance abuse. It can help improve the relationship and also provide support at times of need. One can choose counseling or therapy to overcome their problems, and it’s helpful to ensure one has some sober friends in the group to accompany them to places where there might be alcohol, like parties or weddings.