Whether working out from home is more effective than signing up as a new member at the local gym is a debatable matter. Regardless of whose recommendations you take or however many online forums you read, you will always come across mixed reviews on this topic. So, let’s see how working out at home fares on the list of pros and cons:

Pros of working out at home

  • No time constraints
    When you join a gym, you must adhere to the gym timing, and this involves altering your schedule as per your workout timings. Also, many gyms are shut on public holidays. They may even go under renovation, leaving a long gap where you would be unable to work out. That said, this is never a problem if you’re working out at home. You can start exercising any time you want. Since you work out at home, you have the power to decide when you want to take a break too.
  • Does not require much of a budget
    Signing up for a gym membership means you have to pay a membership fee before joining. You can choose to join a gym for a month, 6 months, or a full year, based on which the amount of your fee will vary. However, when it comes to working out at home, you only worry about spending once when setting up the equipment for your home gym.
  • More privacy
    Many people are conscious about how they look, especially if they’re just starting out. They may not feel comfortable enough to try out certain exercises for the first time in a room full of people. In such cases, working out at home could prove ideal because it provides complete privacy. They do not have to feel awkward like they would have in a gym with so many people around.

Cons of working out at home

  • Increased distractions
    When talking about the pros and cons of working out at home, distractions are plenty when at home. It is easier to get distracted with a phone calls or if someone is at the door. This breaks your rhythm, something that would not happen in the gym.
  • Lack of motivation
    When you get into the habit of getting ready to go to the gym, it turns into a daily ritual. True, you might feel lethargic about getting ready for exercise, but after a while, going to the gym might become the best part of your day. Many get acquainted to people at the gym, who motivate them during their workout. This push is something that would be missing when you are working out at home by yourself.
  • A lesser amount of equipment
    Your home will never be able to compete with the equipment available at the gym. If you want access to all kinds of facilities, getting a gym memebership is the way to go.