Leukemia is a form of blood cancer that is caused by an excessive formation of white blood cells in the body. These white blood cells are mutated and impact your health. Leukemia can lead to swelling in lymph nodes, night sweating, vomiting, and bruising of the skin. Let us take a look at some of the effective treatments for leukemia:

Radiation therapy
In radiation therapy, radiation is used through X-rays to target and destroy harmful leukemia cells. Some patients receive radiation therapy to the whole body, and some receive it only to specific areas. 

Chemotherapy is the most common form of treatment used for leukemia. This treatment method may be administered in the form of intravenous drips or a tablet. 

Biological therapy
Biological therapy is a specialized form of treatment that helps the immune system to fight the cancer cells. 

Stem cell transplant
In a stem cell transplant, the patient is given healthy bone marrow from a donor. Stem cell treatment is not done in isolation. It is usually performed after the patient is put through a certain number of chemotherapy and radiation therapy cycles. In a stem cell transplant, some patients require donors for stem cells.

Surgical treatment
In some cases, the doctor may find the surgery option to be helpful in the removal of a significant portion of cancer cells within the body. In the case of leukemia, the doctor may perform a procedure called a splenectomy. In this process, the doctors remove the spleen, which is filled with cancer cells. 

Targeted therapy
This treatment method focuses on cutting off the proteins that the cancer cells require. This treatment uses certain medicines on targeted genes and proteins that further prevents cancer cells from growing.

Clinical trials
There is always new research that is being done in order to discover new methods of diagnosing and treating cancer. These trials require test patients. Your doctor will recommend whether you are suitable to be participating in the trial. Please ensure that you do not take any step without first consulting your doctor, as doing so could have a detrimental effect on your condition. 

Apart from all the medical treatments for leukemia, it is also very important for the patient that they receive emotional support. You can always get emotional support by reaching out to cancer support groups in your area. Your doctor will be able to recommend some helpful suggestions in this regard. The American Cancer Society is always a great place to begin with. Remember to never go alone for the treatment, as it is always better to have a close one by your side.