Many occasions that require a proper dress code. In fact, sometimes only guests following the dress code are allowed to attend an event. So, to ensure that you never go wrong with your clothes, here are some popular dresses you must have in your closet for special occasions:

  • Popular dresses for a religious ceremony
    To dress perfectly for a religious ceremony, which would usually take place during the day, a flowery dress or a feminine suit should be your pick. Avoid picking anything that is short or low cut for such occasions. To give your outfit a more formal touch, you can layer your dress with a light sweater or wear a blazer to cover the sleeves. If you have to attend a reception right after the ceremony and won’t have the time to change, you can wear a cocktail dress and layer it up with a jacket until you leave the church or temple.
  • Popular dresses for a cocktail party
    When talking about the popular dresses for special occasions that are must-haves in a woman’s closet, cocktail parties, engagement parties, and weddings need their share of dresses. A little black dress never goes wrong when you’re dressing up for such an occasion. If you wish to keep a little easy-breezy, you can also wear a dressy top and pair it up with a skirt. Pick a pair of fancy heels or some stylish flats with this attire. You must also avoid fabrics that make you look too casual at such events, so denim and chinos are out of the options. Also, short dresses are not the best option for such occasions.
  • Popular dresses for a baby shower or bridal shower
    Dresses that accentuate your feminine side are the best pick for these occasions. Printed skirts and breezy tops or sweaters make for great picks for a baby shower or a bridal shower. If you are comfortable with heels, pick a stylish pair, and if not, even a pair of dressy flats will do the job. In chilly weather, you can also pair your dress with a pair of boots. That said, avoid wearing white on these occasions, as that color is for the bride. But if she decides to wear a different color, there’s nothing stopping you from opting for a white dress.
  • Popular dresses for a job interview
    This is an occasion when formal attire is your best pick. To look appropriately dressed for the occasion, pick a tailored suit. Both pant and skirt suits in navy blue or black are suitable. Even if you’re going for an interview in a start-up, try not to go too casual with your outfit during an interview.