Dry eye syndrome might not initially be a very alarming issue, but over a period, it can become worse, cause more discomfort and be detrimental for eyes. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for dry eyes.

  • Sleep well
    A night of good sleep is necessary for good health, and as far as dry eye syndrome is concerned, it is also one of the best home remedies for dry eyes. When you do not get enough sleep, there is minimal tear production in your eyes, which further leads to dry eyes. An adult should normally get seven to eight hours of quality sleep. For the same, you can create a comfortable environment when going to bed, set a bedtime routine, etc.
  • Wear onion glasses
    These were originally meant for cooks as they helped keep eyes from tearing up when chopping onions. But, these can even be used by all individuals. They are recommended by eye specialists across the globe to wade off harmful pollutants from entering the eye. They are not very costly and can serve as a moisture chamber.
  • Drink caffeine in moderate quantities
    Recent research has shown that caffeine can provide relief from dry eyes. Caffeine intake enhances the eye’s ability to produce more tears. But, caffeine should be consumed in moderate quantities as they could also prove to be counterproductive. Excessive caffeine intake can increase blood sugar levels that can blur vision or cause spasms of the eyelid.
  • When washing eyes pay special attention to eyelids 
    Eyelids accumulate bacteria that can lead to Meibomian and Blepharitis issues, which can further cause dry eye syndrome. So, especially during bedtime, when washing eyes, make it a point to wash your eyelids for at least 20 seconds gently. You can use a mild cleanser or eyelid wipes that you can easily find in medical stores.
  • Properly remove eye makeup
    There is a reason why it is highly recommended to remove eye makeup properly. Thick eye makeup products can block the Meibomian glands present at the base of eyelashes causing evaporative dry eyes. So, once the day gets over, make it a point to remove the slightest traces of your eye makeup, paying special attention to your lashes and eyelids.
  • Take regular breaks from smartphones
    Blue light from smartphones is often the cause of many ocular diseases, and dry eye is one of them. And not just smartphones, any gadget for that matter which radiates light can cause dry eyes syndrome. You must take regular breaks.

Home remedies like above can help you manage dry eyes, but if still the problem persists and becomes severe, it is always better to contact an eye specialist and ascertain a proper treatment.